While everyone is eager to see this exciting talented couple shine in the new sponsored dresses, we managed to steal them for a couple minutes to chat a little about how life treats these two professional dancers.

How long have you been dancing?

The two of us joined forces in January 2014 but as far as dancing goes, we have probably been doing in ever since we remember.

What does your day look like?

We are finishing high school but we have obviously always had a strict regime dedicated to trainings and preparation. Fortunately, in Denmark there are special schools for professional sportsmen which makes it easier.

We train several hours a day with our coaches Petere and Christina Stokkebroe have been helping us immensely since the beginning.

We also teach several times a week. We teach small children as well as middle-aged dancers who want to learn a combination of dance moves. We love working with children.

Who are your favorite dancers and which are your favorite shoes?
We have been sponsored by International Dance Shoes from day one and we are very happy with them. As for dancers, I think most of us dancers draw inspiration from various dancers for different reasons. We like to watch Timur Imametdinov and Nina Bezzubova. It is amazing how strong their presence on the dance floor is.

What is the most difficult thing about being a dancer?
It would probably be the tight schedule. We need to combine school and trainings, travel around the world and sometimes get little sleep. 🙂 But we still love it. 🙂

What is your biggest success?
Last year we were second on the European Championship and got to one World cup final.

Let´s with these two best of luck on their journey, we can´t wait to see more!



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